Wednesday, 28 October 2009


"Hey, come closer, I've got a secret to tell you...
But promise me you won't tell anyone okay?"


Here's the thing.
Do you believe that whoever you told your secrets to actually KEPT the secrets to themselves?

I'm not implying that EVERYONE can't keep secrets but I think many people can't.

(notice that the zip is not fully zipped)

Okay, sometimes it was because you did not remind the fellow NOT to tell it out.
That is your own negligence.
You can't blame anyone.
The Chinese would say "Tai lei sei".

But how about when you specifically told them not to tell it out?
Some people still will tell it out anyway.


For starters, people love to gossip.
We can't help but to tell people what happened etc.
Especially if it involves the people around us.

If it is petty things like you did not shave that day, that's no big deal.
If it gets out, people will just take it as a joke of the day.


But what if it involves other people, especially people around you?
Some people did not know the consequences of telling out people's secrets.
It may ruin friendships and relationships.

So how to make sure our secrets are kept?

If you must tell it somebody about someone, make sure that that particular person is really trustworthy.
Now, how do you measure someone's trustworthiness?
I'm not sure but if that person told you someone else's important-must-kept secrets to you before,
I think he/she is a no-no.

Another way is by telling someone who do not have any relationship or connection with the person you are talking about.

Anyhow, I think the best way is to zip it.
Sometimes, some things are really better kept to ourselves.

My point is, when you tell somebody you've got a secret,

I learnt it the hard way not to trust people so easily.
To be honest, it actually took a little for people to gain my trust.
But at the same time, it also takes just a little for me to stop trusting people.

But this whole thing is just MY point of view.
Let me know what YOU think.

Vote! =)


  1. 'My point is, when you tell somebody you've got a secret. Actually.... it's no secret'

    haha i agree with you!!!

  2. XD ..gt nthg much to comment about ur blog dis time..jz tat its true la...cant really trust ppl wid secrets ..coz 99% it wont stay a secret ..haha.. jz find ur post very creative ..=) and not self centred..haha.. like one of my classmate, who post a minimum of 3 pics of herself in a single blog ..lol..

  3. kar ying : thx babe! =)
    anonymous : thank you too! but actually i duno if its right for me 2 do this, taking ppl's pic witout permission from the web. hehe.

  4. lol~~
    not really like to tell secret to others =P
    since i was scorpio lol~~
    get thru ur post thread in a quite blur situation x.x
    anyway~~not bad =D

  5. wat does that gota do wit a scorpio?? hahaha.

  6. for starters, i wont tell anyone my secret.

    secondly, i dont think i rmb bursting anybody's bubble before.

  7. Normally i keep people secret. Ppl tell you secret because they trusted you. They think you will keep it. Ppl tell you secret because they got stress up and really need to let do some burden on their shoulder. If ppl tell you secret mean you got an important position in their heart.
    But if you dun want your secret to break. Try tell your mummy. I do that!

  8. Like Kar Ying said, once told it's not a secret anymore :D. Well, it all depends on what kind of secrets is that in order for me to keep it secretly. If it involves the goodness of telling it out, then I might, but if it doesn't and may ruin some friendship or others, I rather keep that to myself.

    Regards from cr3ap

  9. The ninja way:
    “Tell your friend a lie. If he keeps it secret, then tell him the truth.”


  10. well i think secrets are best kept to ourselves once it's out it's not a secret anymore.

  11. heloo ...
    nice topic here ..... for me , if the secret is really IMPORTANT , 1 more ppl know = 1 more chances it will leak out . so , if the issues are really sensitive , or important , better keep it inside . if u feel tat it's hard to keep a big things inside n need someone to share it , share it wit someone who is not involve or better , a person who don't even know the person involve ( remember to use secret name ) .
    Cheers !!!

  12. the reason why i wrote this was because i realized that many of my frens don't keep a secret as a secret. haha. which sucks badly, i know. haha.

  13. Ninja Coffee had a good point. It's like a test.

    Anyway, I think certain things are best to kept to urself, not to reveal to anyone, not even to the person closest to u.

  14. hmm..for me, if it's my own secret, I will try my best not to tell anyone or maybe just 1 or 2 that I really trust. If it is other people's secret, usually I will just listen and forget about it because by forgetting it, I won't mention it to others XD

  15. In this age, it is very hard to find trustable allies...everything revolves pretty much around personal gains and fun...so secrets spill out along the way.

  16. In this age, it is very hard to find trustable allies...everything revolves pretty much around personal gains and fun...so secrets spill out along the way.

  17. it's difficult actually but if it's a matter of life and death, i'll probably do like that 2nd pic!

    I bet you looked, didn't you? =)

  18. krazy L: unfortunately, not every1 is like u. haha.
    himmat : tats da prob! haha.
    brain cell killa : means u still will spill out some right? haha.


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