Friday, 23 October 2009

Online Boutiques

I'm officially swearing off from shopping at online boutiques.

So far I've bought a bag and a dress.

The dress just arrived and it wasn't satisfactory at all.

I actually specifically asked the owner whether it fits UK6/XS perfectly or not and she said yes because the material was stretchable blah blah blah....
And I trusted her.
In reality, it's bloody loose. It was obviously a UK10 dress.

The owner is a LIAR!!!!!
*edit : she just agreed to give me back full refund, including the postage. YAY!*

Meanwhile, the bag has "wrinkles" at a few spots.
I only used it twice.
I'm thinking of reselling it in Mudah.com or something.

Seriously, I don't know if they photoshopped the pictures or what because it looked so damn good online but its like crap when it arrived at your doorstep.

Anyway, I'm not going to shop at online boutiques anymore.
I'm removing your links from my bookmark.

I'm not stopping you from shopping at online boutiques. Maybe I was just unlucky. =(

Or you should do COD instead.

Good luck! =)


  1. awww...my boutique is still on ur link though! hahaha...which means ur fine with mine? since u can always see it n try it n all b4 u even plan on buying anyways right? so technically is not buying online if u buy from me XD

  2. yea. urs can go ur hse try ma. haha.


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