Sunday, 25 October 2009

Movie : Law Abiding Citizen

Me and Ken Yang watched Law Abiding Citizen in the Gardens on Friday.

The movie was frawesome (Fucking + Awesome)!

It's a pretty intelligent movie acted by Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler.

*yes girls, you get to see this*

It was about this guy named Clyde (Gerard Butler) whose wife and daughter were brutally murdered in front of his own eyes by some 2 guys.

However, the main killer did not get the punishment he should receive because Nick (Jamie Foxx), the prosecutor, made a deal with killer. Nick offered the killer a lighter sentence in exchange for testifying against his accomplice.

Clyde, who was a very smart guy, studied the judgement system and also planned how to fix the flawed and corrupted system. He then kills the people who were involved in the judgement and at the same time, defends himself from being accused for the killings. The way he killed them was pretty unique.

Although in the end when we know how he did it was a bit "potong" steam, overall, it was still a very nice movie.

I'm not gonna tell you everything in case you want to watch it. =)

The only downside was :
NO super hottie hot hotties. =(

*this is the best already*

go watch already it if you haven't! =)

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