Friday, 9 October 2009

How I Spent My Holiday : Tuesday

I went Bangsar with Ken Yang. =D

We reached there at about 10.30am. We went to have our breakfast first. The main purpose of going to Bangsar was, obviously, to SHOP. XP

However, most of the boutiques only opens at 12pm. LAZY BUMMERS. The worst thing was, the shops do not open at sharp 12pm (as written at their doors) but only at about 12.30pm. SUPER LAZY BUMMERSSSS!!!!!!!!

Anyway, went a lot and a lot of shops and tried a lot and a lot of clothes but only end up buying one dress. Haha. Poor Ken Yang, he had to walk with me the whole day, climbing up and down stairs but I only got 1 dress in the end. Haha. *hugs*


  1. I wouldn't mind if it was with you, Elaine. :) Plus, exercise was good. :D


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