Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My Baby!


My baby is overniting at car service center today because its engine got problem. =(
It happened after I off the overdrive to overtake a car on the way home from university. Haha. The engine lights are on and the O/D off lights are blinking.

Called Ken Yang first. He don't know anything about it though.
Just joking!!!!
*lotsa hugs and kisses*

So I called Mom. Then she called the foremen regarding the problem and he ask her to ask me to turn off the air-conditioner.

Thus, me and Ken Yang have to enjoy the natural "cold" air at 3pm.

Anyway, hope you are OK tommorrow.......

.......my Myvi!

*Sorry I don't have your picture but I guess this will do!*
*Its a toy Beetle Convertible given by Ken Yang actually. Hehe.*



  1. looks like ken yang got to learn a thing or two bout cars already..haha XP

  2. oops..i think i was logged into my whitecarriage account..haha

  3. hahahahaha. yea, he said he wil go learn it after he complete his culinary course. and also electrician etc. XP

  4. Did you coerce people into leaving comments? Lol

    Hope your baby will be alright.


  5. I don't know what the hell is coerce but if it means ask or something like that, yeah. XP

  6. "Jack of all trades" I shall be.


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