Sunday, 18 October 2009

Love Hurts

Disclaimer : I am not talking about myself. Just generally and from past experiences.
Me and Ken Yang are doing GREAT. Haha.

*I can't go any further than this...*

People always say, love hurts.
What's worst than that is one-sided love.

That is because you are busy hallucinating on your side while the other party is in fact, uninterested at all.

For example, the other party complimented you, let it be your hair, clothes or whatsoever. You would think that he/she is interested in you.
However, the truth is, he/she is probably being honest and have no other intention.

Do you know what is worse than that?

*broken heart*

When the other party was interested but somehow the feelings faded off.
This means, the other party showed signs of interested in you before then they just stopped responding.

You can't help yourself from wondering,"What happened?"
And you can't ask the other person because you wouldn't want to embarrass yourself.

The after-effect of all these things are even more damaging.

*It kills me to eat you*

For starters, the friendship is ruined.
This is because, you just can't face the other person like how you used to.
You can't even talk to the other person like before.
Things just automatically get awkward.

Some people who couldn't handle things properly would do things like deleting the other party's number/facebook/msn.

Or write their name on a voo-doo doll and stabs them. (Haha)

*I hate you! I hate you!*

Then, when they realized their mistake, they would add them back, which is actually kinda embarrassing because the other party knew that you were actually mad and deleted them.

It will also affect the people around you. If both of you hangs out together and some of your friends actually knew what happened, they would too, feel uncomfortable for what had happened.

Well, this is sad. =(

I have to admit, I hurt people that way before.
I wish I could say "Sorry".
I wish I could explain what happened but I was also afraid that the other person would say that I'm thinking too much.
(Yes, I admit my skin is terribly thin)

But I was also hurt before and I did not question the other party anything.
I was left hanging there...

But that doesn't stop me from falling in love again. =)

How did I get up?

Friends played a major role.
They gave me words of advice and we hang out often to keep my mind off things.

However, there were some friends who just couldn't keep secrets.
They betrayed me and just poured out everything I told them to other people, which was horrible and made things worse than they already were.
I don't know if their intention was to patch things up but it was just unethical.

Anyway, the main point is,

"Sometimes love comes around
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down''.

- Keri Hilson : Knock You Down -

*You can always put a plaster on it*


Have a nice day.


  1. cinta itu up and down .. haha..
    i just dont wanna to leave my name bla~

  2. well, what more can we say? we face diff situation everyday and sometimes we might not realize what we said and what we have done, but it's all depends on the seriousness of each thing. to me i've lost faith in love before but found hope at last. just hope it's not false hope as it will further dig my hole of faithless love. well if i did anything wrong i certainly hope you can forgive me too yea. god knows what i did though. i sometimes don't realize it's bad.

    Did it while having business law in mind,
    Yours truly,

  3. so touchy.....sometimes its that way.....one sided love hurts.....hahaha.....got rejected so many times.....but cant stop me from loving again.....humans cant live without love....thats just the way it is.....nice touch using lines from keri hilson`s songs

  4. i duno the 1st anonymous but yes, i know the 2nd 1. u r lawrence. haha. thx ging! =)

  5. Heartbreaker =(

  6. Hey Miss Love Hurts, how you doing?

    I might not have as many experiences as you, but we all know love hurts. But when it's good, it can be incredibly rewarding too. Sometimes you just have to see things through.

    p/s the third picture where a cupcake has a love print on it looks like someone's va-jay-jay. Not that I didn't enjoy it, I just thought it was farny lol

  7. Mr Grey! OMG. You can actually be optimistic. haha. Thats good. XP

    Your imagination is wayyy too good. hahaha.

  8. only when u get ur heart broken is the time u realise that friends are so much more important than having a bf/gf. they will always be there to pick up the pieces in ur heart and be there for u no matter how long u've forgoten bout their existance. =)

  9. yin : true but friends aso hav 2 choose properly. dont choose like me. haha. kantoi if u got mine.


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